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  1. Radley is 1 years old! It was a struggle to get a decent photo to post as he’s full of energy! We want to thank Ray and we are so blessed to have a lovely dog like Radley, he is the best thing that has happened to us. He is such a darling and brings so much joy to the home! Highly recommend using Meurig Kennels!

  2. Polly is now 4 years old and is well and truly part of the family. She’s a happy healthy dog with a fantastic temperament. I’m so glad we were advised to go see Ray for a puppy.
    Thank you

  3. Can’t thank Ray enough for our gorgeous cocker spaniel Lennie. Fantastic service and Ray kept us updated on his progress whilst we were waiting to pick him up. Thank you and would highly recommend.

  4. Our Ralph is now 18 months old and is such a gorgeous boy. Full of fun, loves to play tuggy and when he’s finally tired out is ready for a cwtch on the sofa. We wouldn’t be without him.

  5. BB sadly died two years ago. She was purchased in 2006 just after my husband died and was the most beautiful, loyal companion I ever had . She had a wonderful calming nature and thank-full
    for the years we had together.

  6. Purchased a gorgeous Cocker spaniel from meurig kennels excellent service so happy we did it has changed our lives

  7. Ray from Meurig was super helpful, professional and provided great advice. My chocolate cockapoo Gaia has amazing temperament, friendly and gentle – really smart, – within first week of living with us she was already playing fetch and go toilet in the garden!

    Gaia has been with us just under a month, she is happy, healthy pup and settled in really well. We are delighted we chose Meurig Kennels!

  8. We are not sure words can describe how wonderful the nature of our cockerpoo is.
    My husband was not sure he wanted another dog after loosing our wonderful Jarvis ( show cocker spaniel ) who we had until he was 14 and half.
    It took quite some persuading to consider another family member.
    We drove for hours and as soon as we met him we fell in love with him.
    His temperament and intelligence is amazing.
    We have only had him 24 hours we are totally smitten with him
    If you are looking for good bred pet then go and see them.
    All we can say is Ray and his family know how to breed good dogs.

  9. We live in Gateshead, Ray delivered Dolly Cockapoo at 8 am the day after payment.
    His service was outstanding.
    His price was very good value.
    It’s our 3rd Cockapoo . We love the breed.
    Every word people say about them is spot on.
    11 week old & 50% of the time she goes to the back door ., to her duty
    Thank you Ray
    Carole & Eric Lightfoot

  10. Would highly recommend these meurig kennels we lost our bichon she died we corresponded with Ray he had a gourgeous bichon boy we love him Ray is a lovely guy and very busy but we got a puppy that got us over a very sad time he is amazing

  11. Our beautiful girl Gracie who is a cockapoo is now 1 yr old.
    She has such a loving temperament and brings us so much laughter, joy, comfort and affection. Loves our cat and is always washing our cats ears. She is very intelligent and has worked out how to open drawers!
    We wouldn’t be without her.

  12. We got Tobi in June and he’s brilliant!!
    Vet said that the pack I was given on collection was one of the most detailed, professional pack she’s ever seen!

  13. Update – Louis is now over a year old and is such a wonderful dog. He has a fantastic character and is one of the family. We think he thinks he is a human ?

  14. This is Poppy our blue roan smooth cockapoo, she will be 1 on September 18th 2021, she s a wonderful loving dog that makes me smile everyday, shes the second dog I’ve had from Ray @Meurig and I wouldn’t go anywhere else , his dogs have a nature about them that’s incredible, loving caring and always happy , we love her so much she s my life , Thx Ray

  15. Bella was 3 years old this month 🙂 so nice seeing her other siblings on here,
    She really is the best four legged baby I could ever ask for.
    Thanks Ray

  16. Our Sooty is 3 years old today, he still makes us smile everyday. He is a very clever loving boy, he is the best. Thanks Ray.

  17. Rhona, born February 2020, has been a complete delight. She is the friendliest, nicest little dog you can possibly imagine. Now coming up to 17 months old and I’ve loved every minute of having her. Most of the photos I have show her wet – she spends her life in water one way and another.

  18. Our woody now has just turned 3 this year and we cannot thank you enough for this little bundle of joy we are thinking of getting him a brother !!!

  19. Mae Beti Bw, Tywysoges y Ty, yn flwydd oed heddiw – bwndel bach bywiog, hapus a chysurus sydd wedi dod a chymaint o bleser i ni.
    Beti Bw is a year old. She is a bundle of energy, so happy and content and has bought so much pleasure to us all.

  20. One year old on the 15th May. Our “twins”-Milly Moo & Billy Boo. Milly is still the boss (proper female) and Billy is as stubborn as a mule. We love them to bits, and they have filled our home with laughter and muddy floors !!!!!
    We still have room for more and already have the names for the next two.

  21. Well I can’t believe my boy is 1 today. We love him to bits. He’s very sociable and absolutely loves other dogs. We can’t thank meurig kennels enough. Every one he meets loves him and says you don’t get many poochons with his colouring. Thanks so much for our amazing fur baby

  22. We got our cockapoo Frodo from Ray about 4-5 weeks ago now and he’s amazing and settled in well. Very happy we chose him, as we were originally unsure because he’s a smooth coated cockapoo, and has a lot more spaniel in him, but he’s actually gorgeous. Such a pretty pup and an amazing wee character.
    Ray was a great help and took time to answer all my questions. He even set us up with a courier to bring him all the way up to Scotland. Thank you Ray! 🙂

  23. Our dog which we got from these kennels wasn’t a puppy, he was a four-year-old Westie which the owners had bought back to be rehomed, at the place where he was bred. After quite a few months of very sensitive and scared behaviour on his part, with occaionally aggressoin and signs of stress, he has come good and now he’s 75% there and well on his way to being a lovley lovely dog.

    He was given the name Llew by the breeders, and then Toby by the first owners, but to us he is Georgie, and he is a little smasher, and we adore him.

  24. Our little Woody is 2 years old today! He is the most friendly, calm dog and is great with everyone he meets. Can’t thank Meurig Kennels enough for producing such a wonderful dog. Really considering getting him a little brother or sister!

  25. After loosing my gorgeous westie 4 weeks ago who I got from ray back in 2008, I decided to get a cockerpoo from meurig kennels we have named Chewy he is so gorgeous he has repaired the the whole in my heart, he is cheeky and just so loving.
    Thankyou Meurig Kennels. Xx

  26. We had Arthur our westie nearly 2 years ago from ray he was so helpful and the kennels were professional and immaculate, Arthur has grown into a wonderful dog that’s great with our children so loving and gentle I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a westie again they would be my only choice
    Thanks for everything ray

  27. We collected Radley from Ray on Saturday 27th March 2021. Ray was very professional and friendly throughout.
    Since coming back to his new home, Radley has settled in well and is absolutely adorable. We would not have any hesitation in recommending Ray to those who are looking for a new addition to their family! ?

  28. Just wanted to thank meurig kennels for giving me such an amazing westie, we had him delivered by ray in February 2008 and we fell in love with him instantly my handsome boy Sid unfortunately yesterday he became poorly and had to go to sleep for the last time. I will be looking into
    One day getting another dog from here when we are ready. We are so heartbroken ?

  29. This is Cooper.
    He will be 1 in May. He is an adorable little chap, so well behaved and full of fun. He is very loved and we can’t imagine life without him now.

  30. We collected Rory in September 2020 having travelled from Lancashire to pick him up and he has slotted so well into our lives that we can’t imagine life without him. He is so laid back and such a cuddly, friendly and healthy boy. We would recommend Ray as a breeder and feel so lucky to have him.

  31. We purchased our beautiful Bichon frise puppy Toffee from Meurig kennels. We have had her almost a month now, Ray was so helpful and Informative, he sent us updates and pictures of our pup until she was ready to leave. We live in North wales and with the current lockdown restrictions could not travel to pick our puppy up. Ray arranged for our puppy to be delivered, Ray kept us informed throughout and Toffee was delivered on time, on arrival it was clear she had been taken care of and had received the best care at the kennels! Our vet was very impressed with her and with the paperwork we received. She is fantastic with our 3 children, is almost fully house trained, sleeps all night happily in her crate and has just started going for walks and is brilliant on the lead. Thank you Ray, we have recommended you to family and friends.

  32. We picked Lola up in September 2020 from Ray at Meurig Kennels. She is a westie/scottish terrier cross, and she has genuinely transformed our lives.
    She has such an amazing temperament, and is more loyal and patient than you could ever except from any dog, let alone a stubborn terrier!
    We were very impressed with Ray. We chose to pick Lola up at 10 weeks to give her more time with other dogs. She was vaccinated, and health checked when we picked her up.
    We cannot imagine life without her – thank you Ray!

  33. I bought a Westie puppy from Meurig Kennnels in 2018 and she (Rosie) has genuinely transformed my life. She was in good condition, happy and sociable when we collected her from the kennels and Meurig made the process easy for an anxious first time owner. He was recommended to me by an acquaintance and I have in turn recommended him to other prospective owners. Many thanks Meurig!

  34. This is Albie our beautiful Bichon frise that we got from Ray in December. Ray was so helpful in the whole process including the issue of Lockdown and not being able to then travel ,so Ray then arranged a very efficient specialist courier to get Albie to us .The after care that Ray has provided has also been so much use to us in the early week .Albie is a lively and lovely family addition and loved so much by us all.Many thanks Ray

  35. This is Albie who due to Lockdown Ray arranged for specialist courier to bring Albie to us in mid December as we where unable to travel. Albie has settled in so well and is just the addition we needed to our family and he is so playful and loved by us all .Ray was so helpful and knowledgeable with all we asked and needed and after care was great aswell

  36. I have posted before, but just want to say how fortunate we have been with our 2 little schnauzer sisters that we had in February 2010! Maisie and Poppie have just gone 11 years old and they are still like spring chickens, people can’t believe their age when I tell them! They have both very healthy dogs with amazing temperaments!!

  37. We picked up little Charlie two days ago from Ray and we are completely in love with him. Ray has been nothing but accommodating and incredibly helpful and has made the whole process so smooth. We have always had bichon’s so we so delighted to find Meurig Kennels had had a litter. Charlie has been our missing puzzle piece to the family . Thank you so much

  38. We picked up Louis from Ray in September.
    Ray was very helpful and great advice given. Louis has settled well into our family and can’t imagine life with out him. He loves cuddles and is fantastic with the children.

  39. Hi ray
    Thank you for our lovely girl Jess a cockerpoo she is an absolute darling, very happy and affectionate. 6 months on yesterday .
    Very lively ,we’ve not regretted having her from you. Highly recommend.

  40. Betsi , our chocolate cockapoo is now 5 months old. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Full of energy and cheekyness but also very loving. She’s a real crowd pleaser!
    Diolch Ray for all your advice in helping us choose Betsi.

  41. Mae Betsi’n biwtifwl!!! Mae’n llawn cariad a bywyd. Diolch Ray!!!
    Betsi is beautiful. She’s full of life and affection. Thank you Ray!!!
    Choosing and buying Betsi was the best thing we’ve done and Ray was so helpful during the process. Diolch yn fawr iawn,

  42. Mae Betsi’n biwtifwl!! Dyma hi. Mae’n llawn cariad a bywyd. Diolch Ray!!
    Betsi is beautiful. She’s full of life and affection. Thank you Ray!!

  43. I got Benji from Ray back in March and what a little joy he is! I’d be lost without him and him me I think, he follows me everywhere, my best friend. He’s so loyal and nice natured, easy to train, he’s perfect! Thanks so much

  44. we travelled all the way to wales from Wiltshire in January 2015 to pick up my beautiful little Gracie. she turns 5 in December and has turned out to be the most amazing and loyal friend ever. especially during lockdown this year it was just her and me for most of the time. I just wouldn’t be without her now. I love her to the moon and back right from the second I saw her at Ray’s. thankyou this is a pic of her now, full of love and of mischief ….

  45. We had Dougal from Ray in 2010, he has been the most lively,cheeky adventurous boy we have ever had, he totally loved life. Sadly he passed away a month ago but we enjoyed every minute of the ten and a half years we had with him, he has left a massive void in our lives. Thank you so much for such an amazing boy .

  46. I have had my puppy Sonny from 9 weeks old, and he is a happy loving little fellow. Hes nearly house trained, just at night wee. He plays with his toys with me squeaking them like a siren, ha ha brings his ball back. On the hunt for horrible crane flies, on lawn, makes me laugh. Hes full of mischief,as hes getting bit taller, pinching things he shouldn’t have knows hes naughty head up tail up so pleased with him self, showing off. Ray has done good job with his puppies thank you Ray

  47. I now have my big baby boy who is a gem. He is house trained wee in home sometimes if door closed but getting there. Doesn’t poo indoors, sleeps first few day 10 30 to 6 30 2 days 3 day to 7.5 day I heard him making funny noise pigeons cooing,woke me up it was 10 in morning, gosh I was tired. But now 10 30 to 8 when I get up. He brings his ball back we play lots, he enjoys me holding a ball or toy, and he runs around me so clever. Hes my boy my son. Thanks to Ray the breeder. Ray kept me up to date with videos all the thro from 3 days old to the day I had him, hes a bundle of joy mischief hes always looking for what can i do now, can i get away with it no way i say, give him his toys