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  1. Four weeks ago today we brought our wonderful Westie pup home with us! His name is Hamish and he’s settled brilliantly in that time, his house training is coming along well and he travels brilliantly in his crate in the car! We love him dearly and cannot thank Ray enough for giving us back the joy and unconditional love that we missed so much after losing both our elderly Westies within six-months of each other. A puppy wasn’t in our original plan but we wouldn’t change Hamish for the world and recommend Ray and Meurig Kennels to anyone!!

  2. Milly Moo & Billy Boo are 4 today. Their forever homes aren’t until July 18th.
    They are the loveliest fur babies I’ve ever had. They have the most amazing temperaments. Milly is totally laid back and my boy Billy thinks he’s the man of the house or the boss of the daily walks (not letting his sister out of the river!!). They twist their paws around their Daddy. We would be lost without them.
    Thank you Ray and family.

  3. So another year has passed I forgot to post last year 🤦‍♀️. Happy 4th birthday to our Elvis he’s lost a lot of his colouring now but is still a handsome chap. My boy has the best personality, he’s a mix of all sorts, sass, stubborn, happy, playful, cheeky, very funny in his weird quirky ways and things he does. We feel so lucky to have him and he’s loved so much

  4. We had Minnie from you at the end of January, What a ball of joy!! After losing our bichon April last year we knew we couldn’t be without one. Minnie has such a beautiful temperament, loves relaxing having a cuddle but then enjoys a spout of the zoomies and a good play. Has learnt to walk on the leas beautifully. If we decide she needs another bichon playmate we would know where to come again 100% Thank you so much.

  5. We had Maisie the end of October 2023 and she is gorgeous she is such a character and makes me laughing everyday and we will be getting a second one !!

  6. Here’s our beautiful, handsome little Oscar who we bought from Meurig Kennels on the 22nd April 2017. He has literally completed our family and we couldn’t live without him – our bestest friend! He was born on the 16th February 2017 and has sisters and brothers from the same litter. We never got to meet his sisters / brothers as they were sold just before, but he had one brother who was there on the same day as him. I would love to know where his siblings are / or if any of them are on here. Osc is now 7 years old and the most beautiful little darling. His instagram page is @bichon_oscar and his TikTok account is @ourbichon_oscar xx We honestly love him more than anything, our little man xxx

  7. We had Reggie our cockerpoo last year, he is 1 next month and has completed our family, he also loves his big brother Chewie who we got from ray back in 2021. Such a gorgeous boy and very mischievous.

  8. This is Jess, our 14 year old Cocker Spaniel (aka our little sock monster)
    Bought from Ray in 2009, she will 15 on the 12th September this year. Some days she’s like a puppy all over again.
    She’s made our family complete with so many wonderful memories and we love her very dearly.

  9. Happy birthday to our Radley. Three years old. He’s a little cheeky and full of lots of energy but wouldn’t change him!
    Thanks again to Meurig Kennels for finding our perfect Westie.
    Here’s to the next birthday. 🙂

  10. We got Anakin nearly a month ago, and he’s completed our family. He’s so loving and gentle with our children 💕 he’s such a sweet boy. We are very happy with him.

  11. I am very pleased to say the least with these kennels, Ray the owner has gone above and beyond to help in purchasing the puppy we chose ,which was a beshion frecce we got him delivered by the courier and he was wonderful to ,these people know exactly what they are doing and I would defonatly recommend them ,also my neice has decided to buy a beshion frecce from Ray ,due to how well he looks after his customers, I am litterly over the moon with my puppy and I am so thankful I chose these kennels, thank you from the bottom of my heart you have truly made our family very happy x

  12. We lost our gorgeous Blue Roan Cocker spaniel and were desperate for another dog to help our other dog who was pining. We called at the kennels and brought home the most adorable boy who is now 1 year old. He bonded so well with our other dog Vincent and is a very happy and healthy boy. Thank you so much

  13. We lost our 14 year old westie and decided to get another
    It was a brilliant experience going to get our new pub thank you at meurigkennels

  14. We lost our westie Charlie few weeks ago he was 14
    When we saw another westie cross omg he is the most beautiful little boy
    Had to go look at him. Fell in love with him right away
    The whole experience was great 👍🏼
    Thanks meurigkennels

  15. We picked up this special family member on October 15th 2021
    And how time has flown Dudley is so intelligent loving faithful we can’t believe we have had him over 2 years
    He loves everybody

  16. Sooty is 5 now(11/08), and he is still mischievous ,as you see by the picture, but he just looks at you and melts me. He is loving and very clever, and he still brightens up every day. We are so glad we got him from Ray.

  17. Our puppy Buffy is approaching 6 months old, and she is a bundle of joy. Ray was fantastic, we visited twice before Buffy joined us full time. She came to us with a care package, trained to paper and already starting to know her name, so Ray must have been calling her by it. In the following months, she has grown in character, her confidence was there from the start, and she is a huge part of our family. Socialising well with children, adults and animals alike, Buffy is a breath of fresh air. The advert said “the troublemakers”, and boy was it spot on! I cannot recommend Ray and Meurig Kennels enough. Thanks Ray!

  18. We welcomed Charlie into our home in July 2016. She’s a very intelligent and pretty westie. She loves nothing more than playing football and adores her cuddly toys. We welcomed Chloe a year later. Chloe loves nothing more than belly rubs and has a cheeky temperamental. Can’t imagine life without them now!

  19. 2 1/2 years ago, we came to collect our new addition to our family, Rusty. He’s such a happy, friendly, healthy and handsome boy, the complete package! His happy place is on a walk with us, but he does enjoy a spot of television in the morning! Thank you Ray, we couldn’t imagine life without him. Here he is enjoying a pint in our local pub in Greenwich 😂

  20. We’ve now had our Ted for 4 months and we could not be happier. He’s the best little cheeky chap and we’re loving his company. Could not ask for a better (and more handsome) dog!

  21. 11 years ago my family and I had the joy of coming to your kennels to find our newest family member, a little girl who has been a joy to me . I wouldn’t be here today without her and your guidance when choosing her was wonderful. I should have done this years ago to thank you. Meet Gwen our little Bichon frise who’s still going strong!

  22. Coming all the way from South Yorkshire we picked up a very cheeky go happy little Westie girl up in December 2021. She is now 18 month’s old and is filling our hearts to the brim with love, cuddles and Westitude. Skye is a beautiful big girl, who knows what she wants and she loves her family 💕 Ray has a wonderful farm and a fantastic customer service, we wouldn’t hesitate to use again!

  23. This is Noodles. We picked him up from Ray in August 2012. He is a beauty, lovely temperament, healthy ( his ‘sister’ who was a year older, bought from what we later thought was either a backyard breeder or puppy farm, sadly succumbed to westie lung disease in 2021) and full of life. Such a loving boy. He’s been living in the south west of France with us since 2014. We hope he has many more years to enjoy life here.

  24. Can’t believe our little girl “Pepper” is 4 yrs old today (12th March). She is such a beautiful little girl and brings us so much pleasure.
    Thank you so much for bringing Pepper into our lives.
    Al & Sue…….

  25. We picked our beautiful girl up from Ray almost 13 years ago, after we met our friends cocker spaniel pup. Sadly, we lost her in late November 2022. She was the best girl, the most loving cocker ever. She has left a huge hole in our lives and we miss her so much. We are not yet ready to have another fur baby in our lives but if we do we will definitely be looking at Meurig first. Thank you Ray for such a wonderful dog She gave us such lovely memories.

  26. Our Radley is 2 years old today. He’s such a lovely dog. He particularly likes Harley (family dog) .
    Thank you so much for bringing Radley into our lives. 🙂
    This is him just before his second birthday. Like butter wouldn’t melt.

  27. I would highly recommend Maurig Kennels. Ray is such a lovely friendly and helpful Guy. i had Finn my chocolate cockerpoo just before christmas which Ray delivered for me along with a puppy pack and a ball. He is such a happy friendly confident puppy. This can only be down to his excellent start in life. After losing my husband suddenly last year Finn has brought a smile and fun back in my life. I would 100% recommend Maurig Kennels if you are thinking of getting a puppy.
    Thank you Ray so much for bringing Finn into my life

  28. Hi I had westie from ray 15 years ago he died this week what a lovely lovely dog he was I can’t thank you enough is name was Gussy many thanks well reccomened Thank you

  29. Dexter the miniature schnauzer of you tube fame is a gorgeous little boy …. a bit of a mischief and mayhem maker but so so loveable. So glad he is ours!!! Thank you so much Ray

  30. Collected my wee Casper miniature schnauzer from Ray on Thursday. Travelled from Glasgow absolutely over the moon with my wee puppy. Ray was amazing so helpful answered all my questions kennels where amazing dogs well cared for. Left with wee casper a puppy pack and his wee blanket and toy thanx so much Ray we love this wee guy so much. We’ll worth the trip from Glasgow to Wales.

  31. I can not recommend Ray and Meurig kennels enough, we have our little 9 week old westie Doddie who is such a happy confident pup and that can only be due to the excellent start he has had.
    100% recommend Meurig. Ray was so friendly and helpful. The puppy pack and service was 5*** thank you so much ❤

  32. Our westie lamby went to heaven just before Christmas last year he was 13 years and 9 months old we are Brocken hearted. Such a beautiful and lovely boy loved by so many in his life even non dog lovers. We will be going back to Ray as soon as we can as we getting close to being able to welcome our next lovely baby. We look on Rays site every day so not far away now. Ray is the best westie breeder in the world and will have a place in our hearts for the wonderful time he and lamby gave us never to leave our hearts. Thank you Ray see you soon.

  33. I can’t begin to say how good our dealings with Meurig Kennels has been. We have a wonderful Westie that arrived back in March. Communication was great, she was delivered, very healthy and happy – paperwork all in order. Isla is an absolute superstar and we would be lost without her. I would definitely recommend.

  34. Our Lenny Biscuit is One today, absolutely loved by all who meet him and we always get asked where we got home from. He’s so loving, really smart but also cocker crackers! He’s bought so much to our life and completes our little family. Thank you Ray, he is the best dog in the world.

  35. Our Lenny Biscuit is One today, absolutely loved by all who meet him and we always get asked where we got home from. He’s so loving, really smart but also cocker crackers! He’s bought so much to our life and completes our little family. Thank you Ray, he is the best dog in the world.

  36. My son Sonny 2 years old 15th June was born, I had him Septemcet. He’s loyal lovable gorgeous and never tires ha ha he’s fully charged joke very fit happy fellow.loves children, babies, all dogs wants to play chase me. Lots of friends best frien cocker poo Chester

  37. Sooty is 4 years old today, loved by all who meet him, fun loving and still as mischievous as the day we got him. He is very clever, funny boy who knows how to wrap you round his little paw. So glad we got him from Ray, Thanks.

  38. We bought our westie on the 17th February 2022 and she doing very full of life and energy her name is Daisy we had a bad car accident on the 29th April it was a good job that Daisy was not in the car as she would not be here today .

  39. So our Elvis is 2 today. Seriously can not thank meurig kennels enough for such an amazing fur baby. He has some serious sass sometimes but in a funny way, he is soft, gentle, playful, never ever gets nasty with anyone or any dog, he has a great character with a cheeky side and is loved immensely by his family and all that get the privilege to meet him. Most days we still get comments on his remarkable colours and pattern. The vet has classed him as brindle which is not really in the poochon genetics. We love our boy unconditionally and could not and would not want to imagine our lives with out him. Happy birthday our precious boy and thanks again meurig kennels.

  40. Mags says we have had 3 beautiful puppies of ray over the past 3 years and all beautiful jessie George and Peggy ray is a lovely man and hopefully be back for more puppies 🐶

  41. We have had 3 beautiful puppies of ray over the past 3 years and all beautiful will be back to him again mags and Alistair

  42. I got my beautiful girl from here. She full of confidence and fun. Any thing I need to ask was answered by email or messages or phone. Cannot fault owner thank you

  43. This is Ayla,she,s just had her second birthday and only just grown out of being a puppy such a happy little girl,She has help us get over our previous westie called Molly.How so much alike they would have been.thanks ray for choosing her for us.dave & Kath Roberts

  44. Radley is 1 years old! It was a struggle to get a decent photo to post as he’s full of energy! We want to thank Ray and we are so blessed to have a lovely dog like Radley, he is the best thing that has happened to us. He is such a darling and brings so much joy to the home! Highly recommend using Meurig Kennels!

  45. Polly is now 4 years old and is well and truly part of the family. She’s a happy healthy dog with a fantastic temperament. I’m so glad we were advised to go see Ray for a puppy.
    Thank you

  46. Can’t thank Ray enough for our gorgeous cocker spaniel Lennie. Fantastic service and Ray kept us updated on his progress whilst we were waiting to pick him up. Thank you and would highly recommend.

  47. Our Ralph is now 18 months old and is such a gorgeous boy. Full of fun, loves to play tuggy and when he’s finally tired out is ready for a cwtch on the sofa. We wouldn’t be without him.